The first week of using Electronic Logging in the trucking industry is coming to an end.

How has Electronic Logging affected your business?

At RC Transport we have seen many of our customers become frustrated with Electronic Logging. What used to be next day delivery shipping lanes have now turned into 2-day transit lanes. Drivers are having to learn how to manage their time differently. The Electronic Logging is becoming a learning experience for everyone in the industry. Over time we will all learn how to deal with the new changes that come with it. While it will take some time for us to see exactly what all of those changes are going to be. Here is what on trucking company has to say about the new technology:


We’re using Cummins’ ZED ELD and drivers are having issues pairing and using the system. We run a fleet of 30 trucks with average dispatches between 450-550 miles (AZ-CA). We used to be able to run the lane with next-day service but will probably have to change that to 2-day transit. Impact on our capacity will be greater than 15% loss. Jaime on ELD Mandate: How Has Your Business Been Affected?


What you can expect as a Shipper:

As a shipper, you can expect to see rates increase throughout the new year as capacity is affected by this new electronic logging rule. We can expect to see probably a 3-5% increase as we come across capacity strains due to carriers that have not prepared for the new compliance rule. All you can do is try and be flexible, the more flexible you can be with deadlines, the better chance you have of moving your freight for reasonable prices.