Conestoga (covered wagon) Trailers
Types of freight hauled

A Conestoga trailer is unique, it starts with a flatbed frame trailer, which makes loading and unloading a variety of ways easy, securing to a flatbed trailer is also convenient too, it allows the ability to secure loads from several groups of palletized loads to large oversized equipment. But what really makes this trailer unique is its use of a rolling tarp-on-frame system.

It is made for protecting oversized and specialized loads, keeping them safe from the elements without compromising delicate machinery, paint, finishes or other features of your cargo that might be damaged if a tarp is simply thrown over the load.


The word Conestoga is originating from 1690s-actually it was a name of an Indian Tribe, and later-on in Lanchester County was built a covered wagon which was called Conestoga.

Many decades after that we are witnessing the Conestoga trailer which is being designed based on the inspiration of the Conestoga wagons. Here are some types of freight hauled using these trailers:

  • Specialized Loads
  • Odd-sized Loads
  • Large Items
  • Steel
  • Lumber
  • Machinery