Open Deck Transport utilizes trailers with no enclosures or doors. They’re specifically meant to haul equipment or commodities that are too large to fit in a van. One of the great features of these trailers is that they can be easily loaded and unloaded from the sides or the top. They’re perfect for oversized or irregularly shaped commodities. Since the trailer doesn’t have a roof, a door, or sides, the shipment must be able to withstand the environment.

Open Deck Trailers come in different types and configurations. They include legal flatbed trailers, step trailers, double drop trailers, removable goose neck trailers, stretch flatbed trailers, stretch single-drop deck trailers, and stretch double-drop deck trailers. Here at RC Transport, we’ll help you find the right Open Deck Trailer to haul your freight.

  • They have a maximum weight capacity of 40-48,000 lbs.
  • Legal Flatbed trailers are approximately 48’ in length, 8.5’ in width, and 5’ in height.
  • The size of the shipment for legal flatbed trailers should not be more than 50’ in length, 8.5’ in width, and 8.5’ in height. These dimensions vary according to the type of flatbed trailer selected.
  • If the dimensions of the shipment fall outside the legally permitted range, a specialty trailer or a heavy haul transporter will have to be used instead.
  • Flatbeds are ideal for shipping construction equipment, cargo that needs to be loaded by cranes, building or infrastructure components, as well as irregularly shaped items.

Here at RC Transport, we train our Open-Deck team to manage all your freight transportation needs so you have an advantage over your competitors. We completely understand the basics of shipping legal flatbed loads and we’ll help you find the right transportation solution to help you haul oversized loads legally.


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