Dry vans are undoubtedly the most commonly used vehicles with enclosed freight compartments. They are ideal for a wide range of shipping jobs. They’re versatile and are therefore a good choice for many industries. Dry Vans are great for shipping items like clothing, batteries, beverages, building products, chemicals, ink/paint, garden goods, paper, packaging, and seeds. They are also ideal for hauling packaged or dry grade foods. These vans are meant to handle no more than 45,000 lbs. They’re not often used to transport liquids unless the liquids are first packaged in containers specially designed for shipping fluid substances.

It’s All About Flexibility-
  • Capacity: Whatever your needs are, RC Transport can accommodate them; and we’re growing larger every day.
  • National network: Our network of 50,000+  nationwide carriers allow us to meet our customer’s transportation needs no matter where they are located.
  • Local understanding: Because we’re out in the field, we understand the needs of our customers on a handshake level; allowing us to communicate better with our customers.

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