What do you do if your load is extremely long and it exceeds the length capacity of a standard 48-foot flatbed trailer?

Loads that are too long to fit on a 48-foot flatbed trailer may be transported on a stretch flatbed trailer.

The word “stretch” in the term stretch trailer describes the trailers capability of being extendable lengthwise. They are similar to most other flatbed type trailers, however they have a sliding mechanism that can extend the length of the cargo bed.

The extendable cargo beds are also a feature on the sub varieties of flatbeds, such as double drop down, low boys or multi axle trailers. All these trailers are essentially well suited for the same type of freight shipping as the non-stretch models, with the additional ability to extend the overall length of the trailer and gain a lot of extra length for the load.

  • 48’ or 53’ Expandable Flatbed Trailer – extendable to 91’ or 115
  • Expandable Drop Deck Three Axle Trailer – extendable to 75’
  • RGN Expandable Double Drop Deck 2 Axle Trailer – extendable up to 68’
  • 115’ Expandable Flatbed Trailer: With an original length of 58’9”, this trailer expands upto 115’ with an impressive weight capacity of 35,000 pounds
  • 6 or 9 Axle High Tonnage Double Drop Expandable (Floor Deck) Trailer: This impressive trailer extends upto 77’ 6” with an expandable length of 107’ 6”